Rehabilitační odborný léčebný ústav poskytující navazující následnou léčebnou péči lůžkovou a zčásti i ambulantní.

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The motto and goal of the Hamza Treatment Centre is



The Hamza Treatment Centre in Luže-Košumberk is the largest rehabilitation facility in the Pardubice region of the Czech Republic, providing nation-wide follow-up and long-term care. Founded over 100 years ago by Prof. MUDr. Franz Hamza, the Centre opened in 1901 as the first therapeutic institution in Central Europe for the treatment of children suffering from tuberculosis and scrofula. In 1962 the treatment of tuberculosis was discontinued in Luže and the clinic was re-launched as a rehabilitation facility for children with movement problems. Since 1992 it has also offered rehabilitation services to adults. The Centre has a capacity of 505 beds, located in ten pavilions, and over 560 staff.


The Centre is a member of the Botanical Gardens Union of the Czech Republic, being located in a large park which is also an important arboretum with a collection of tree species from four continents. Favourable climatic and ecological conditions are a valuable asset to the centre and are intrinsic in patients' treatment. An elementary and a nursery school are also an integral part of the Hamza Treatment Centre.


The Hamza Treatment Centre provides:

  • bedside follow-up rehabilitation care for children and adults from all over the Czech Republic, in all states of health: after surgery, injuries, and diseases of the motor system, including inflammatory and vascular diseases (e.g. after a stroke);
  • individualised treatment in the spinal rehabilitation unit for adults and paediatric patients after spinal cord injury;
  • treatment of children with movement disorders, especially with neurological and orthopaedic disorders e.g. cerebral palsy, Perthes disease, scoliosis etc., and also including other disorders of the motor system;
  • a specific rehabilitation program for patients with disorders of the motor system as secondary complications arising from diabetes, and after oncological treatment and others;
  • rehabilitation nursing within the nursing care ward. This is a program of therapeutic rehabilitation for geriatric patients, and patients in a more severe clinical condition, which represents a new concept of care for patients who are dependent on help for dealing with basic daily activities such as dressing, eating, moving around the home, and hygiene (for seniors or patients in a more serious clinical condition). The goal is to return patients to their home environment and improve their quality of life. 


  • services of outpatients surgeries for children and adults in the fields of rehabilitation, orthopaedics, surgical, internal, geriatric, neurological, and orthopaedic prosthetics;
  • services of the Orthopaedic Prosthetics Department of the Hamza Treatment Centre where a wide range of medical aids are produced, not only for HC patients but also for patients from the whole of the East Bohemian region. At the same time we also provide sales of medical supportive devices and products.



As a consequence of offering a wide range of traditional healing methods the Hamza Treatment Centre is popular with patients across the Czech Republic and we are continually implementing modern innovative features and procedures.

We have developed our own therapeutic method called KODYVERT (Košumberk dynamic verticalisation), designed for paediatric patients with disorders of the lifting and supporting functions of trunk and limbs.

In co-operation with the Secondary Technical School of Electro Technics in Pardubice we have introduced KINECT therapy equipment which has become popular. It involves active exercise in the form of games and results in improvement of standing and upper limb co-ordination, improvement of concentration and it enhances the stability of paediatric patients. A number of other robotic therapeutic aids for both children and adults are currently being introduced. In treating patients with limb movement disorders as a result of injuries, strokes, or other neurological damage we use robotically assisted rehabilitation e.g. ARMEO and ERIGO, devices based totally on computer technology.



The 'Healthy Young Feet' project, whose pilot phase has already taken place in selected schools in the Pardubice region, aims to prevent disorders of the locomotor system in children and young people which arise as a result of functional leg defects. Foot defects can lead to the development of defective posture in children which can result in scoliosis and other conditions.

A strain gauge plate is used in diagnosis.

The Hamza Treatment Centre is a constantly evolving facility which, thanks to its highly trained staff, fulfils its goal successfully. Good informal relationships can be developed effectively due to the placing of patients in smaller groups in individual pavilions. The splendid park environment also aids mental relaxation and offers walks with varying degrees of difficulty.